NExT installed in fascia layer

As the title says. The NeXT implant I had installed seems to have been installed in the fascia layer. Just wondering if this is something that corrects itself over time. And if it doesn’t, would removal be necessary in the event that it doesn’t read anymore, before I replace it. Or would it be fine to install a new NExT correctly on top.

Hmm, that’s where it’s supposed to be

I thought it was supposed to be between the skin and fascia. Not in the fascia itself.

Fascia is a general term used to describe the area between the skin (dermis) and underlying muscle. I believe it’s more accurately called subcutaneous tissue. As long as it’s above the muscle and below the dermis (in that fatty layer), it should be fine.

What makes you think there is a problem?

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The fascia tissue is connective tissue that holds the dermis to muscle. You definitely don’t want the chip in the dermal layers nor muscle. The connective tissue area is perfect because it’s below tactile nerve corpuscles in the dermal layer and above muscle tissue that would flex and move and promote chip migration.

Okay that’s good I guess. It’s deeper than my Vivokey. I know the orientation of my Vivokey and know where it is. I know the NExT is a lot deeper. Are there any tricks to finding it’s location with out an x-ray? I saw a post on here about them showing up with a vein finder. That didn’t work when I tried it.

Also side question. Any cheap RFID reader that’ll tell me what type of card I have before I spend money on the proxmark. And will there be a flex version of the NExT any time soon?

Unfortunately readers are not really designed to help you figure anything out, they are designed to read the specific kinds or tags the application calls for… the proxmark3 is a diagnostic tool that can analyse tag types and tell you what’s up.

If the RFID card is 13.56mhz then maybe try scanning with an NFC phone? Most RFID standard cards can be scanned by NFC phones, abd at least the ID and possibly some other information can be retrieved even if it’s not an NFC compliant RFID chip.

It’s my work ID that I use to punch in my time and access doors and even turn on the printer to use. It’s not 13.56mhz but 125Khz. I’m cheap and don’t necessarily want to spend more than a Red Lobster dinner on something to clone it.

it has no markings at all?

The only marking that I don’t recognize as being an identifier of me or the company are these 6 digit numbers that are not my employee number.

If you can get a spare fob or card and ship it to us we can check it out.

the reader on the door/printer might have some details on it too. that helped me identify mine before I got a proxmark.

Excellent NeXT install by Vern at DT Partner Ascension Body Modification in Albuquerque NM.

Photo is 20 hours after injection…

First use 16 hours after injection.