NExT iPhone Readability?

Hello everyone!
Just installed my NExT chip a couple of days ago, and things went mostly well. Got it where I wanted, but kept accidentally poking too far up (into the above-layer of skin) and too far down (muscle, I guess). Anyways, recovery seems to be going well but I cannot scan the chip from my iphone XS’s home screen; only with an NFC scanning app. I verified orientation with the included LED chip, and this showed a weak signal from my iphone when it is on the home screen but a strong one when it’s on the app.
However, I seem to recall people being able to scan chips from their iphone’s home screen, and my sticker NFC tags do it just fine. Am I doing something wrong? Is this just not a feature?

Also, I am only seeing a point-outline on my skin where the chip is, almost like it’s not laying flat but it partially buried in the muscle tissue? It is still a little tender around the area but does not hurt a ton (as I imagine it would if I fully put it in the muscle). Attached is a photo. Note: the blue marks are pen from installation, yes everything has been cleaned, it’s just super well-marking I suppose :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!!

Have you written anything to the HF side of the NExT with an app yet?

If not it will not do anything as there is no data.

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Yes, I’ve successfully written a contact card as well as a few hyperlinks (not all at once, one after the other), and they open fine with any of the NFC apps I have.

So there are multiple NDEF records on the chip? Not just one? I hear some have issues with that.

I’ve erased the previous one every time, so I’m only writing one DFEC record at a time. For example, the “write” section of my NFC app currently only reads a web hyperlink. Sorry for the confusion

So I just tried physically pressing my phone to the chip with the phone on and just on the home screen, it kinda hurt a bit, still only looks like a point as opposed to the flatness of a chip. My hand’s lowkey kinda meaty for some reason so I’m not sweating it but it definitely is a bit tender.

Oh wait I got it to scan from the home screen! Just had to angle my phone downwards which is a bit strange. Still worried it’s imbedded a little in the muscle, or is poking upwards into the dermal layer above it as I have accidentally nicked that area when implanting? What should I do? Does it look ok? I can feel it now, feels more flat than I originally thought but definitely hurts to touch the raised/ visible area.

This is natural, You just stabbed your hand and embeded a foreign body under your skin…It’s going to feel a little tender.
From the photo ( which is hard to tell exactly ) but yes it does look like the end is slightly upward angled, but nothing to worry about, unless it is still causing you pain after it has healed.
From where your insertion hole is, I think it would have been difficult for you to have gone through the muscle.
If you are able to manipulate it by hand back toward the insertion point, it may lay a little “flatter” but this might be difficult due to the encapsulation process already started and your pain tolerance.
If not, give it another week, Take it easy let it heal properly.

AGAIN, all this difficult to tell from just a photo and your description, but hope that helps

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Sounds good, thank you! I know I could measure (but I’m lazy), when I press down on the raised in my skin shows tension about 1-2mm away from the injection site, so I’m a little worried about trying to press it back at all. It’s about 3/4ths of an inch (19mm) from the raised point to the injection site, and the chip is 14mm long, so… yikes. I’m assuming then that the lower part is the HF side, so at worst I will just have an easier time with the LF side :man_shrugging:

Metric :straight_ruler: Yusss :+1:

Yeah, that is not a lot of “wiggle room”, only you can make the decision.
I know what I would do!!! :wink:

This assumption is from how the phone is reading it, and the antenna placement?

You will get the affect anyway, LF has a slightly better read range, but normally, it will really come down to the reader

As you’ve discovered with your field detector, the amount of power it uses to search for tags on the home screen is less than it uses when you tell an app to scan.

Give it a few more days, once swelling goes down a bit more you should get better results on the home screen!

Just a heads up that the iOS background reading doesn’t read contact cards, it only works with URLs and things that are based on urls (message, call, mailto, map locations, but not text)

Also an iPhone user here, my experience is that if I wave my phone over my implant once or twice in the right orientation and then come to rest above it, it seems to get a good read.

Passing a tag through the field seems to trigger a higher output on the phone to look for the tag.

It would be more dramatic if you said “Reado Implanto!” at the same time :slight_smile:

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Good to know!

Darn, that was my main purpose for it. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find a good link I can use or something. I just reprogrammed it to open this.

I might just do a message prompt then. Basically the same effect, gives out my phone number, but without the ability to also give out my email, IG handle, etc etc… no biggie.

Thank you, I’ll try that! Slightly surprised that there is more than 1 iPhone user in this community given the openness of the Android software :joy:

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Hey again y’all!
So, in my typical paranoid way, I went ahead and made a splint for my hand so that I don’t flex the skin over the chip (I keep forgetting I have it in there and doing things that might disturb it).
My newest fear is that, after failed attempts to move it farther down in my hand, the raised section will end up bruising me constantly when I try to scan phones (I press down on the lower/ non-raised section with phones, and end up pressing the other end farther up).
Is this a legitimate worry? Sounds like it would suck. Pics to follow.

Fist when clenched:

Mine have always stuck up like that and I don’t experience any bruising or pain, even when I’m really rough with it. It only happens when you make a fist because of the shape of your thenar muscle.