NExT Mode Switch Question

Is it not possible to, say, scan your NExT with your phone’s NFC chip and then open an RFID lock? Is it always necessary to switch between modes? I’m not entirely sure how to go about switching from xNT to xEM functionality or vice-versa.

You dont need to, they can work at the same time.
They are on different frequencies, 2 seperate chips in 1 capsule. You set both up and can use them.


If you have an iPhone you can use the Apple Shortcuts app to control HomeKit devices such as locks and they can be literally any device that supports Apple HomeKit. And I would assume android devices have something similar?

Edit: Also the NExT chip is both 13.56MHz and 125MHz the NFC that your phone uses is only 13.56 which is high frequency. The 125MHz has an entirely separate usage under RFID but they’re both RFID frequencies.

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Phew, thank you! I was confused seeing a lot of articles/posts about having to switch modes.

Hm you might be confusing it with setting the xEM to a different mode, to a different card model which it then emulates. You do that once, when you clone a card to it / change the ID.

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