NExT or VivoKey Spark 2

Thanks for the answer!

I made an order and paid for it, I received a notification in which: in the column “place of delivery” the city is indicated correctly, and the street is indicated incorrectly, … tell me where to write to correct the delivery address

You should have received an order confirmation email. You can reply to that email with address corrections and we will update your order.


Thank you, now I wrote a response by email with the correct shipping address details.

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I see the ticket :slight_smile:

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@ Amal. Рlease tell me - I will receive a notification by email that the delivery address has been successfully corrected to the correct one.
I’m just very worried about the parcel, since delivery from another continent😊/

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I understand your concern, and I’m sure Amal will answer you shortly.

But put it this way, he has seen your ticket, so consider it as good as done.

He will sort you out, and you will be one of us in no time…

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Yes I see the ticket and it has been assigned to Michelle who does our fulfillment. She will update the order address before shipping.

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@JustAGlitch Spark2 will use APEX, if I have one inside, it will be works with APEX? or i will need a new spark2? I’m learner and I don’t know about APEX

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So Apex isn’t something that is loaded onto a spark2, it is a whole new implant, built on a whole new chip. @Satur9 would explain it much better than I can.


Spark2 is a crypto identity chip that stores symmetric keys inside that allow it to authenticate securely with VivoKey’s app, then the app can tell whatever service you’re trying to login to that it’s actually you. You can’t change the keys or load anything onto it though.

Apex is a whole series of implants and a ring that will be released shortly. It uses the same chip used in credit cards, which is a secure processor that can handle javacard applets. It’s hooked up to an app store called Fidesmo, which allows you to load applets onto it including official vivokey apps, custom ones you can make, and even third party applets like MasterCard. The ring will support tokenized payments at launch, and we’re working on overcoming the social stigmas that prevent MasterCard from allowing payment on the implants


i love this notice

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I am very happy, you can congratulate me!

Today I received a long-awaited package with my NExT & Proxmark3 & set. Before my post office (I live in Russia), the parcel arrived in 25 days. It was packed very well and everything inside arrived safe and sound.

I will install NExT after the long Russian New Year holidays, when the “embroidery master” who will put it on for me will be in “working order”))).

After installing and trying to use my new toy, I will definitely share with you how the Russians will react to the fact that I will have an implant (In Russia, “this is in an embryonic state”, therefore people react to the implant in different ways, especially since I do not live in the metropolis, and in the provinces)
@amal, Michelle - thank you very much! You are the best!