NExT too close to bone?

The more and more I look at my NExT the more I think I placed it too close to the second metacarpal. I know this topic has probably been beaten into the ground, but are there any reports of any DangerousThings x series(I’ve heard of other brand breaks) breakages due to placement too close to the second metacarpal? Would it ever be worth removing to replace in a better position that would decrease the likelyhood of the implant breaking? I can almost fit a fingertip between the implant and the bone when my hand is flat, in a fist it feels almost right next to it though.

Thanks in advance

From what I’ve been reading as long as there is 5mm between bone/other implants you’ll be fine.

I’m still new to the wonderful world of implants so if I’m wrong, please let me know.

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Your implant will naturally migrate into the safest area. My 8 year old xnt has moved all over in that location over that time. It always moves into the location with the least pressure. So if your implant has settled there it’s probably where it wants to be and it’ll slowly move if not.


It looks identically placed to my NExT which has been in position without issue for years


Thanks good to know

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Mark your bone as well. It looks fine to me but need the bone marked up to be sure.

A little bit better photo and marking

meh… i think its fine. do you think there is around 5mm (thickness of USB stick end that goes in the computer) between bone and device? if yes, then you’re totally fine.

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I think it’ll be okay. My main concern is I work with my hands in somewhat tight places a lot for work. Particularly cleaning the impeller of pool pumps. The Whisperflo pumps have their impeller pretty deep and it puts pressure directly on the sides of my hands. Imagine fitting your hand in a pipe that almost painful to fit in, but you can still manage to wiggle your fingers around to clean something. My worry is that the wiggling will find the implant in a bad spot between the plastic and the bone. I’ve been avoiding using my right hand for that stuff using my left instead(left hand dominant) but with a lot of pools plumbing I need my right hand to even reach the pump let alone clean it(I blame the Catholics for building a right handed world lol jk)
I’ll probably get by, by avoiding use, but I worry that I’ll forget and do it anyways.

Yeah that’s the one thing that sucks no matter what the placement is. Shoving hands into tight pants pockets also sucks. It kinda gets better after 2-6 months but it can still suck if there’s a tight space you’ve got to jam your hand into

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If it’s any consolation, my xm1 is way too close to bone and I’ve had no issues with it in well over a year.


Sounds like something you need to develop a tool for. I could imagine that kind of pressure could lead to arthritis/RSI later on.

Yeah they’re called tweezers lol. Some of these pump get so much hair caught onto them that it takes ages to clean them out with tweezers, so I usually just use my hands. I service 6-9 50,000-100,000gal pools a day, so spending an extra 2-3 min using tweezers per pump, with each pool having 2-4 pumps, adds up quickly. The implant does make the pool job a lot easier. Just need to get a second xEM implant on the other hand for EM cards since most of my pools use HIDprox.theres enough heavy use for both standards in my day that it’s worth cloning back and forth with a prox mark everyday *** edit for now

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Or a flipper :flipper:

Why 2 implants? Why not register a single tag to multiple systems?

Expensive and hard to find haha

Because em isn’t compatible with HID

Whoa whoa whoa lol :joy:

Some of us have 10+

Often we have various credentials that are not compatible and we don’t have the ability to enroll

Let’s say I have
gym that uses EM mode (no admin)
Work uses HID (no admin)
Gun Safe that uses EM (admin)
Car kit that uses EM mode ( admin )
Apartment uses HID ( no admin )

1 t5577 implant can’t be both EM and HID at the same time….

I would have no way of making the same UID work for both work and apartment since I can’t get them to enroll or change credentials

Also, I could make my gun safe use the EM ID from the gym or my car, but then if I have a fob that lets my wife or a mechanic use my car… I’m leaking access credentials to my safe, and or have various fobs floating around I have to increase scrutiny of how and where I store them

I use a combination similar to the example,
I try to match mode type, but I keep in mind security level… wether I’m ok or not with there being a duplicate fob floating around and who would have it

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Today I learned something haha I’ve never looked much into the xEM stuff. Despite me having one…

Hey, I’ve had like 20+ implants so I get the implant love. But your hand can be a master key and get into gym, car, safe. You don’t need the share that tag id with anyone when you get your car looked at, they’d get a tag that only works on the car. And if you have extra tags but them in a safe place until they need to be checked out to someone.

As far as work and apartment not letting you register the same tag, I’d say be nicer to them and they might eventually. But if the social engineering doesn’t work then sure, 2 tags.

I’ll admit my ignorance in the t5577 space, I didn’t know the hid/em limitations. But having 5 identical chips just doesn’t seem efficient. I’ll also admit I’ve had one in for like 8 years and never used it! But your body your choice, keeping dangerous things in business :emoji_laughing: