NExT VCard Scan Issue

For some reason when I program my NExT with only contact info it won’t scan unless I use nfc tools or another scanning app. If I add a hyperlink it will load the link without issue. Amal asked that I attach the scan data for diagnosis here. Thanks in advance.

Ah, I should have known. IPhone has no capacity to read vCard records because allowing apps access to the address book is a security issue Apple thinks is outside your ability to manage for yourself. There is no way to grant access to allow this on IPhone. If an android phone scanned your chip though it would work properly.

Ahh I tried with an android and it didn’t do anything either :sob: it’s possible their phone sucks tho. Will try another android. What’s the best app to write to these anyway? I’m using nfc tools pro, but is there one better? Thanks Amal

NFC tools pro works but I have an affinity for TagWriter… though it probably isn’t any better

If you upload your vCard somewhere and then load a URL pointing to that vCard into the first NDEF record it will work with iPhone and Android but does require internet access.

If you want you can still put your vCard into the second NDEF record for redundancy.