NExt & VivoKey Spark placement

Hi fellow implantees, I just orderen my NExT & VivoKey Spark and I’m wondering a bit about placement.

I’m planing on implanting them on the top of my hand between the metacarpal’s I was just wondering if I should do one in each hant or in the same hand🤔
Both the Spark and the NExT operate on13.56MHz so it might be overkill to load both into the same hand?

The NExT will be used for access my shead, garage and ATV, I still don’t know what I’ll do with the Spark, but it seemed wise to get it too😛

I’d be grateful for all feedback and suggestions🙂

I would do one for each hand. It’s possible to have them both in one hand but based on my experience, one in each hand works great for me

me too

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