NExT & xLED installed today

UK install, done by, who I cannot recommend enough. Lovely gent, nice clean studio, would definitely let him stab me again.

Both installed in my left hand between thumb & forefinger. Have been taking prenatal vitamins for a few days and will keep it up for another couple of weeks.

Couple of seconds of sharp stinging and the business was done. Pain wise, I’d say it was less than a honey bee sting. Bit of swelling on the first one, went down within 5 minutes.
After I’d stopped leaking red stuff, the blinky was blinking and the NExT was readable by our phones.
8 hours later, still blinking and reading.
Not tried with my proxmark yet.

Planning on copying my works clocking & access code to the LF side of the NExT, although at the moment I can’t get a read off any of the receivers with my field detectors.
Not sure what to do with the NFC side, other than copy a crypto receive address to it.


Try placing your Diagnostic card between reader and your access card and see what lights up.

You said

Did you use your proxmark to confirm what LF system you are dealing with?

Welcome to the cyborg club


It’s definitely 125khz, the access fobs are em4100 and I’ve been able to successfully clone to some t5577 fobs.

I installed the access system myself.
Bit of a chicken/egg situation. Did I need a NExT for the access system, or did we need an access system because I wanted a NExT? We may never know…


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


24 hours later all is looking good. There’s a tiny bit of tenderness at the bottom of the tunnels. Pretty much no swelling evident.
I’ve managed to write my lf ID to the T5577, I can test that better on monday when I’m back in work.
Writing to the NFC side is a doddle with NFC Tools.
No issues finding the antennas with my proxmark, only took 2-3 goes.


Install video

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