(*****) NFC antenna amplifier/Resonance Circuit V1 & V2.1

Should be resolved now.


I got my V1 last week, and it really helps! I’ve been able to get a read on my Apex Flex even with the phone case on, but it’s definitely less fiddly to get a good coupling with the V1. I wound up carving out a little room in my phone case for the components to breathe. It was pretty tough, but worth the effort.


Hell yeah man glad you’re happy with it

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Got my assembled and tuned v1 yesterday and it works fantastic with my Pixel 8! I put it in my Dbrand Magsafe case.

I also assembled 2 of the Flex PCBs myself but I haven’t noticed any improvement when using them with my Flipper or ACR1252U so I think I need to tune them. I ordered a Nano VNA to do that and it should be here tomorrow.

Thanks for all the hard work on this project!


I designed the antenna adapters to be through hole. So you should be able to push the antenna wire through the holes to solder them. It ensures you complete the circuit to the antenna to the capacitor.

Also you may have to scrape the leads of the antenna and tin them prior to soldering. Some of the antennas have a coating on them that is stubborn and dosent burn off during soldering. Give that a try. i know its hard with it being such a small component but it looks like you did great soldering on the smd resistor! 0603 is rough

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll be honest though, I cheated a little bit. I had one of the guys in my lab at work solder it for me :joy: But I relayed your compliment to him. As for the enamel coating, I checked with the him and he said he made sure to scrape it off.

And for the through hole issue, the wire is extending through the hole, but he did not add solder to the pads on the back.

That shouldnt be an issue, dont need the solder on the back pads. Judging by the coil you have i believe they are 20pf coils, but need tuned. without a VNA i cant verify but when you get yours, you may have to unravel about half that outside turn to hit 13.56mhz

Thanks. I kinda figured it just need to be tuned. I will update you tomorrow when I get my VNA

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It’s a capacitor btw, even though you used R1 as the reference designator.

0603s can be tough if your iron is chonky, luckily most standard irons can fit smaller tips to work with 0603. I have to do 0402s and even 0201s for work pretty regularly and those can be very difficult, especially if there’s other components in the way. They sell low melt solder paste in pretty inexpensive little syringes which you can melt with a pancake griddle if you’re having trouble with hand soldering. Takes care of itself due to surface tension

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The Miniware hotplate can easily handle normal solder paste. And some people have also used a pan with some sand in it for melting solder paste.

But I’m now intrigued by the pancake griddle option as I’ve never heard of it before. I think that the low temperature stuff is mostly used for rework, specifically removing chips.

The run of adapters were done way prior to me understanding the theory of the tank circuit.

About 5 or 6 years ago the YouTuber Ave released an amazing ruler on his Etsy. It had surface mount components but he had a great walkthrough that had you place tiny bits of solder wire next to the components, place them in your frying pan and heat them up.

Still got mine somewhere… in case I ever need reference to the thickness of a red cunthair

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Canadians also hate metric apparently… Keep your **** in a vice!


Sorry for the delay on testing all, not a hamsped issue, its a me issue, long story, but basically I was joking about Hawaii, but my courier pigeon (not a real pigeon) actually went to actual Hawaii, but my Repeaters are now officially on their way

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Hawaii is awesome. lots of random street chickens.

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Hahaha, It’s funny the memories we take away from places, Yours was chickens.
Mine was this

When I went, I was walking past a shop at 2am, there was a queue out of the door and about another 10-15 people waiting to go in.
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:thought_balloon: " It must be a delicious takeaway that is super popular"

As I walked past and looked in the window, It was a souvenir shop selling fridge magnets…Fucken Fridge magnets…
So weird
Thanks for the memory Hawaii


Whilst we wait for the repeater to arrive

I’ve been meaning to ask

or said another way
Spiced Ham,
:hot_pepper: :pig2:
Which is another way of saying
Pepper Pig
:hot_pepper: :pig2:

was it intentional???

might be time for an avatar change


In early 1999 i was in 9th grade. At the time my buddy had an awesome lan setup at his house and i would go over there to play the best lan game of all time, “Starcraft”. it was my first experience with Handles or Usernames. At the time he was obsessed with spam. Spam is Spicedham. so that was his username. I made mine Hamspiced and i used it ever since…

So it’s Spam. Which also has some ties back to Hawaii :wink:


I have a different handle that I use in a lot of places and it also has a story to it but I don’t like sharing it.

I’m going to get a DM from the forum AI threatening me with the ban hammer in I don’t share it, right?

This post was a mistake


For full visibility, @Hamspiced sent this to me for free. (via my very slow courier pigeon)
Actually the V2.1
The following opinions are my own, with zero bias and fuck you if you think otherwise :rofl:

Right, now for the professional review


I’m getting almost 30mm reads of my Apex.
Measured with the professionally tuned eye-ometer
(Thats more than an inch for those if you using freedom retard units)

I just threw the V2.1 in my phone case, and actually looking foward to some 2FA Apex scans

This was just a super quick spoiler post.

I will set up my test rig and do a direct comparison to my previous testing of the Phone, Flipper, and Proxmark

to be continued…



Read and digest
If you hate tables ( I did consider doing a graph )

Long story short, and a confirmation of my previous statement

These Resonant Repeaters are


  • V1 fit easily in / on most devices
  • V2.1 are too large to fit in a flipper zero, and slightly too large for Proxmark.

The alternative is to place the V1 or V2.1 over the implant and approach with the reader
This works well, but maybe not a easy / practical as mounting the repeater to the reader.