NFC Credit Card to Implant

So, I’m super newbish and dramatically uninterested in the nitty gritty of how this all works. What I AM interested in is being able to take a form of clandestine payment with me everywhere… especially into places that would rather I didn’t. I would like to send you guys a cash app card and, a few days/weeks later, magically receive an implant in the mail. I will then badger a nurse friend until she agrees to jam it into my body or similar. Please send me instructions and so forth. I apologize for opening a topic in the forum on a subject that has most likely been covered ad nauseum, I couldn’t find a way to just ask the guy who makes these things directly. Thank you in advance for your forbearance.

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Hey I’m actually in the process of this myself, this link should take you directly to the Chip conversion listing on the DT website. Double check your chip that it does meet the requirements, otherwise it wont work. And you’ll have to use acetone or heat to remove the chip and send just that in, from the sound of the process, your card will not survive. So get all of the info you’ll need written down somewhere safe. I’d also recommend finding someone to do the installation before you get the chip made, just in case everyone says no, you wont have to order a new card


Can you take and share a photo of the chip part of the card?

Thank you for the very kind advice, and the prompt response. A few of my friends are EMT’s, they’re all quite excited to do it for me. As one person put it, “Who DOESN’T want to do impromptu and possibly illegal surgery on a pal? Count me in!” I will immediately explore the link. It’s worth noting that, prior to this posting, I cut the chip from an activated card and had it placed under an intaglio stone (carnelian) in a signet ring. This did not work. Apparently this chip needs copper wire to power it, or some shit. Unfortunate, because cash app is my preferred low profile app.

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Mkay so, I’m looking at the chip. I suspect that it’s unfeasible with this particular model, thin copper wires run across the length of the card to the edges. An electrical engineer of my acquaintance tells me that these generate the charge which powers the read on the chip itself. It would seem that, all things considered, it COULD be done. But not well or reliably.

you can DIY your own ring with an antenna in it to connect it up, but for an implant you need a COM chip, a chip with a self contained antenna.

Welcome, and best of luck finding an option that works great for you!

You probably already know this, but NFC payment things out there eventually expire and are supposed to get replaced (it’s not like they’re permanently attached to you, right? Right?!) which makes them less than ideal for implants. This definitely hasn’t stopped determined cyborgs from getting them implanted anyway, but eventually it’ll either need to get removed or it’ll sit there inert in your body. (Well, technically you could probably still talk to the card with NFC readers after it expires, but it wouldn’t be useful for anything.) At least it sounds like you have some eager help. :wink:

Research on getting/converting a chip that can be reprovisioned while still in the body is ongoing, and depends in part on what country you like in.

Great response, ty. I live in the US, apparently a place wherein all of our banks hate everyone else’s banks. So back alley body modding it is, I’m afraid. I’ll make do with a ring for now, until I can find a devious chap/lady who can help me hack/write an appropriate NFC chip. These folks are (unsurprisingly) a wee bit difficult to find… and trust. Thanks to everyone for your helpful replies, I appreciate it.

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Hey I designed the CoM conversion and have made a few other payment implants.

There are CashApp cards that are CoM. The antenna trace is in the top left part of the $. You may need to request a replacement card to get one though. I’m not sure what the criteria is, but this person got one in the US in the past year. Sorry for the potato quality picture, it was given to me this way.



Ah, that’s the metal card, which I have. I happen to have a duplicate too, I’ll pop the chip out and take some (terrible) pictures and post them. The chip would appear to be identical.


Mkay yes, that’s the chip. Let me win understanding before I pop the chip out of my expensive metal card: this chip contains an intrinsic antenna? It is, in truth, a self contained unit?

Going further, would a gemstone (amethyst) hinder it’s connectivity to various tap pay devices in the wild? If not, I am having a signet ring made and hiding this mf under the stone, thereby paying for my varied debaucheries with style and verve.

Yes the module should pop out and have its own integrated antenna… however this antenna is not designed or tuned to function by itself, it’s designed to couple with a large card antenna that has a small coil antenna directly under the module. The whole design is meant to allow individual chip modules to be fully programmed and tested, then dropped onto a full size card and secured with glue or whatever.

Removing it from the card means that it’s no longer coupled to the large antenna it’s designed to work with and performance will be abysmal, if not impossible to get a read with.

This is why the conversion process places the module on a smaller, but still large format antenna. We don’t just coat the module itself, it wouldn’t work on its own.


Be real cool if it did tho


Could I have some guy solder an antenna coil on top of the chip (like a snake coiled on a flat rock) and stick that under the amethyst in my signet ring? Is that a thing?

Good description

Also better and more accurate than an oroborus

Theres a little more to it than that, ie. the inductance and tuning.

Do you have a VNA? I’m guessing from your “have some guy solder an antenna…” comment, that would be a no.
It woukd help, but,

I mean, you could just “give it a go” and grab something like this

But you wont know what performance and range will be until you test it

Your guess is completely accurate. In point of fact, I have no idea what a VNA is. What I do have is a steely resolve to cause this thing to be forged… and some guys who solder things. Ty again for the kind replies, I’ll post the ring when the goldsmith finally sends it to me.

Your other antenna option, is to follow the circumference of the ring, so when you present it, rather than “punching” the reader , you are tapping your middle knuckle (Proximal Interphalangeal Joint)

regarding the antenna, if you get a pre-wound one like i shared above, you would measure the outer diameter of the ring and get an antenna, as close to that diameter or slightly larger

make sense?

Insofar as anything does. It’s all sorcery as far as I can tell. But it’s good, I’ll shoot it to the guy who knows this wizardry stuff and see what happens. Thank you!