Nfc implant detector

Im kind of new to this I was wondering if i implant the nfc field detector next to my nfc implant chip will it light up and or stay lit ?

No that’s for detecting readers.


thank you so much also another question i had was i had an x-ray done and although it still works okay, and seems to be fine ,is there any reason it shows up gray in x-ray vs lit ? Is there something i should be aware of does that mean its not as effective or i should be watching for somehting? thank you so much for your time and feedback.

No idea what you mean. Everythings gray in xrays.


yes I agree but there are a lot actually most of the x-ray pictures with the implants i have seen the implant is lit up .

I read that sometimes the placing and or muscle / tissue can affect it and or also it could be the implant becoming defective.

You’d definitely see an implant if you have one, it’s highly unlikely that it’s not obvious, but even then, you’d see it. Even when defective there’s metal you would see. Flexes can be hard to spot but you can still see the chip usually. Maybe it’s migrated very close to a bone and hard to spot.

Are you talking about finding an implant that was implanted against your will?

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Plenty of examples in this thread

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I have the implant and love the idea of them I just was unsure why it didnt show in x-ray lit up when i look online most show them lit up i was sure if this was a defect because I heard pulse mode also can burn them out and that they discolor when that begins to happen. Im just trying to figure out if that is the case. Thank you so much for your time.

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I don’t need to find it i know where it is i just am curious why its not lit up its a dark gray instead. I was unaware if this means its becoming less efficient.

Okay I’ll bite.

Where is it? What does TagInfo say when you scan it?

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Which implant do you have?

Ah well this is simply contrast. Digital x-rays (almost all are these days) allow the radiologist to set contrast for material density when rendering the image. This can help them kind of “step-through” the image to try to better identify tissues they are interested in. When you see implants “lit up” you are simply seeing the contrast set very high so they appear white vs grey. If the radiologist is more interested in soft tissues they can do a virtual exposure adjustment to the digital image which will produce less contrast for more solid tissues like bone… and implants.

If you’re interested, post your x-ray here so we can get a better understanding of what you’re talking about.


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