NFC Implant Location

Can it be implanted in the wrist? Just to give a little background: I have never gotten a implant but I want to diy this.

Wrist installs can be done, most people usually install a flex in the wrist. What implant are you wanting to get?
DIY is not recommended though, especially if it’s your first implant.
Here is a link to the Dangerous Things Partners map to find installers.


Is wrist generally harder than the thumb webbing?

People tend to use the wrist for flexies since there’s less movement and more area for the implant to sit since the flexies have a larger footprint. I can’t say much about the difficulty. My only non hand implant location is halfway up my forearm. That was more difficult just being a larger flexies that required scalpel work.
Here is a link to the standard install locations in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Just to be clear, not on the moving joint part. When we say wrist install we usually mean the watch area, either on top or under.