NFC implant suddenly moved


Hi I self installed my implant on the 31st December and it’s been working fine and settled down nicely.into position. However last week it suddenly was harder to scan and I initially thought it must have embedded deeper but on feeling around the chip had moved right to the bottom.of the join between my thing and finger towards my wrist. I gentled pushed on the bottom and the chip had popped back up to its original position.

Do you think I need to remove it and reimplant it or stay back imposition


Spontaneous migration well after installation tends to indicate changes in lifestyle, stress, nutrition, or all of the above. Removing it and re-installing it will not likely result in a stable installation. Try placing it back into position and then constructing a “splint” using toothpicks or some other small diameter material. Tape this down tightly overtop the installation site to form a kind of “cage” around it. Then try to ensure you are getting good nutrition. Take a multivitamin, preferably a pre-natal (for pregnant women) which has collagen and keratin boosting properties (you may notice increased hair and fingernail growth). Other collagen boosters may help as well.


Hey Amal.

Brilliant thanks for the advice . I was really happy with its location and use. I’ll do what you said. It’s strange that it has suddenly. Done this as I haven’t really changed anything in my lifestyle. But I’ll take some.supplements and see what happens. Thanks again


Both my installs have done some acrobatics. xNT self install


That’s good to know. Did they settle down. I was surprised it moved cause it’s been pretty sound until. Now…weirdly it’s settled down all day now and remained in place.