NFC OPN Ring or other NTAG216-only Ring?

Any chance DT can/will carry the NFC OPN Ring or other NTAG216-only ring?

Soon -

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ntag216 only ring is what they’re looking for

aliexpress is flush with them

I had not seen the new website, looks sweet!

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Not NTAG216-only


off handedly these are in my recent orders £31.66 20% Off | Build-in 6 RFID 125KHZ 13.56MHZ NFC Cards (2x t5577 2x CUID 2x Ntag216) JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring New Wearable Device 2 Health Stones

they’ve a BUNCH goin in them 2x 216 which is what you’re looking for.

does it 100% have to be ntag216 not 215 213 etc?

Not looking for expensive 6x with poor RF, just single 216.
Yes, 100% has to be 216-only.

why does it have to be ntag216?

Need >504bytes

The OPN ring is not ntag216 … but we will have a ring product shipping soon that has an Apex inside (Apex Platform – VivoKey Technologies) on which you can deploy an NFC container for NDEF data that is either 1k, 2k, 4k, 8, 16k, or even 32kB in size!

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why not get the dangerous things mifare classic ring? it’s ndef formatable and has 720 user bytes

Not NFC-standard

“This ring has a single NXP NTAG216 IC.”
NFC Ring Datasheet OPN.pdf (406.3 KB)

interesting… the last i heard the OPN was supposed to be a developer ring with an infineon chip inside… huh. thanks for the datasheet.

we will be exploring rings with ntag216s inside but not anytime soon… maybe 6-9 months we might have something.

There’s definitely market desire for NTAG216-only ring – please reply here if/when available.

I hope/expect the market to bifurcate from current 213/215. For users only needing UID, URL, or single-contact vCard, 210/212 are enough. For advanced/pro, 216.

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Yeah I don’t see a point in making anything less than an ntag216. Once a new product hits it’ll be posted to Can I join an email list or something? - DT Info - Dangerous Things Forum