NFC products locking unlocking?

Hello, I wanted to ask about the differences between the offered nfc implants regarding their ability to be locked and unlocked, I tried looking it up myself but didn’t get far with the different versions mentioned in data sheets, I would be grateful for a comparison between them

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Can you expand on what you are wanting to do?

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Here’s a great reference,

but to help you further, we will need to know what you are wanting to achieve

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I’m not sure that link will help you specifically with the locking capabilities of the chips though

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I would like to set the content of the nfc chip and then lock it to be write protected so it can’t be overwritten, but i also want to be able to unlock it again to change its contents

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You can do this with several of the chips, though the general consensus tends to be that it isn’t really all that worth it

The implants are relatively difficult to write on once installed, and it would be difficult for someone to write to your implant without you knowing about it, certainly I’ve never heard of any unauthorized implant writing/reading

That said, I do keep my xSIID write protected

What do you plan to keep on the implant that you want to keep protected? That might help us recommend something specific for you

Do you have any other use cases other than just lockable user storage?

Calling card to be changed based on circumstance and since I’d be around at chaos computer club events I’d rather lock it than leave it up to chance

Mifare classic and desfire based implants can be written to, including ndef data. However, the locking system basically involves key encryption and therefore you would require a custom software to be written to read these.

However, if you wanted something that could be easily read on a wide number of platforms and software then it would be advisable to use something ntag based. The xSIID also fits within this category despite being an i2c chip rather than ntag. There are some nuances though.

Therefore the implants that probably fit your use case, based in what you have described, would be: flexnt, apex flex, xnt, next and xsiid.

The flex devices have better read range than the x series. The apex flex is the best implant out of all of those listed and is more versatile.

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