NFC Range Issues

I’ve been playing with ISO 14443 NFC tags and will be implanting soon. I was wondering if extended read range ISO 15693 would be implantable as well.

From my understanding the read range on ISO 14443 is only a few inches at best with no impedance such as human flesh whereas ISO 15693 is limited to a few feet. If this is a possibility I wonder if Amal or others would be able to combine an xLED to this antenna type and allow visible Illumination from a distance. That would be bad ass. I’d buy a few.


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The VivoKey Spark is ISO15693 (

That’s not really accurate… it’s like saying “Cars can go 1000 miles but trucks can only go 500 miles.” … the type of vehicle does have to do with range and gas mileage, but at the end of the day it means very little. I go into detail about it here;

The antennas used for both ISO standards are identical. It has to do with the chip’s power requirements, not the antenna. ISO15693 chips typically require less power than ISO14443A to communicate, but do so at a lower bandwidth. An LED has a huge power requirement compared to NFC chips, but do a pretty good job at indicating field strength as a function of coupling efficiency.


Aww man. I was hoping to implant xLEDs in my forehead and when I go to pay for items I would light up light a Christmas tree. :joy::joy:

I’ll definitely check out your YouTube page after work. Thanks for clarifying.