NFC/RFID Microchip Basics Video!

Interested in learning more about microchips, how to get one, and what they can do? Check out my brief introduction to get started with RFID/NFD microchip implants! I will be releasing a number of subsequent videos for new and experienced users in the grinding community so consider subscribing! Feedback is greatly appreciated!

WATCH HERE >> NFC/RFID Microchip Basics! - YouTube

SUBSCRIBE HERE >> Josh the Cyborg - YouTube

I will be producing a series of informational videos for people new to grinding, human augmentation, and nfc/rfid implants over the next weeks.


Well this seems… Like a very poor delivery

@Equipter is this the dude in the Discord who made the fake implant shopping site? The colors and font are the same :sweat_smile:

Edit: I just checked and it’s the same guy 🤦




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I am working on being better at Youtube and stuff and constantly trying to improve my content and the information associated with it. Any feedback is appreciated!

Glad my branding is consistant and working - the implant site is shutdown :3
Any feedback is appreciated, I am working on improving the youtube videos and the content associated with it!

“The colors and font are the same :sweat_smile::trophy:

Maybe don’t try to preach to the preachers, as your first interaction with the existing community


Honestly id take it down, learn the topic properly before making informational videos about it.

(also IMO it comes off as douchy to post it as an advertisement on a forum (and discord) full of people who know the craft well.)