NFC Ring Delamination

Looks like my ring had the issue where the NFC inlay fell out. Only on one side. Probably my fault for wearing it every day, but I was pretty careful with it. Contacted NFC ring and they told me to talk to my distributor.

Help is appriciated.


Hi Miguel!

I’m sorry you’ve run into the inlay falling out. That is unusual, but has happened. Unfortunately, we do not have a replacement, they are sold out. I’ve taken the liberty of refunding your purchase in the meantime.

We don’t want to leave you hanging, would you be interested in an NFC signature ring or V1ntage ring in a size 8? I’m reserving one of both for you. We can send one of these to you free of charge.

You can private message me your choice.

Amazing! Thanks so much! A signature would be amazing!

Let me know if you need anything from me! (For some reason the system said I wasn’t allowed to PM you)


Nothing my friend as long as your address is the same, we will ship it there. Happy Holiday!


Same address! Thanks again! Happy holidays!