NFC ring posting discrepancies

Hello, I’ve just ordered an NFC Ring V1NTAGE. The NFC Ring website claims that the V1NTAGE has two NTAG203 NFC chips, with 144 bytes of writable memory each. The Dangerous Things listing for the ring shows two seperate NTAG216 NFC chips, with a combined storage of 1776 bytes, so 888 bytes each. The datasheet listed on the NFC tag website for the V1NTAGE (also called the Signature) matches the NFC Ring website, showing 2 NTAG 203 chips with 144 bytes each. The datasheet on the Dangerous things site is linked to the wrong datasheet, linking to the Eclipse datasheet (completely different ring), rather than the V1NTAGE datasheet that I found here, by plugging the proper model into the URL. . The datasheet for the Signature listed on the URL I found matches the NTAG203 chips and 144 bytes (288 total) listed on the NFC tag website, and contradicts the Dangerous Things website. Which one is it?

They’re 203, only the ceramic ones are 216. Wrote to them about this before.

Sorry guys… we’re on it… finally :slight_smile: