NFC write error

Hello, with my NeXT and Spark2 i wrotte differnts commands on them, with NFC Tools Pro from my Android (last version) and iOS, but since a weeks ago I can’t do it. The problem is the same, writable error.
I tried with iOS15, with Android (Note8 and Fold3) but same results. Error.

Do you know why I have this problem?

The Spark 2 can’t be written to, it’s locked. The next should be writable though. Can you post full scan information from the NExT using TagInfo ?

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In my spark2 I have a personal link and the vivokey info. My personal link I can’t rewritte

I send photo by email, because maybe there are a personal dates inside.

You can change that link in the vivokey app.
You can set your vivokey link to redirect to your link, but you cannot write a new link to the chip.

In the VK app set the chip to send you to a website and enter the link there (do not show profile).

I can change links or functions on my NeXT and Spark2 (outside vivokey app) but now i cantidad change my Last links, i can’t erease or change


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