NFTs..let's talk

Anyone know about NFTs ? Platforms specifically?

Second question… what would anyone want to buy from me / Dangerous Things? I’m thinking my original 2005 x-ray image of both hands, straight from the digital x-ray machine cd-rom in all it’s glory. Anything else though?

I’m just going to link this twitter thread here:

Personally, I’m pretty anti-NFT, mostly for the fact that it’s absolutely terrible for the environment, and you can mint the same artwork more than once…It’s being mostly used to steal artists work atm, without giving them a single penny.


Sure would be a shame if I made a million copies of that there jpg you are selling

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NFTs are about ownership, not exclusivity. I don’t like them, but I see their purpose/reasoning.

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NFTs… Because there’s a lot of suckers with too much money out there.


sensible nudes?


You win the forum! Shut it down, we’re done here!
< applause >


With all the photoshops around here we’ll be able to replace everything with Amal eventually. We already have Amal photoshopped on money and now Amal (softcore) porn. :rofl:

Really?! Did I miss that? Do we need just a photoshop thread with all the entries?

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I can’t remember which thread it was on but it was a while ago. I just remember you being photoshopped in in place of Washington.

Edit: I was wrong. It was an Uncle Sam photoshop :disappointed_relieved:

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Did you mean The Uncle Sam/Amal " I want you" ?

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Yep! Dang, I forgot it was the Amal Uncle Sam poster and not money. I guess we have a photoshop of Amal as the mascot of the government instead.

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Take a look at Opensea.
The biggest platform for that matter.
No need for programming.

You can also check these protocols (which i do not have any recommendations about, since didn’t checked)

And some nice articles i sent to a client

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This article may be of interest:

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Same thought here! Lol

I made my implant video into one…spelled squeamish wrong and now can’t edit. May delete and re-create…

o nuuuu ÓwÒ


Yeah, I know…this my other meta mask on open sea nft’s are hard for me to keep track of and this seemed easier. Most of those are on my Instagram anyway…

Evolvex.crypto is the other but gas prices …😮‍💨😮‍💨 oh and only accessible on Opera browser.

I’m too involved and biased to give opinions on the subject but for an idea: maybe something used by / on or with an implant . A ticket or pass to something exclusive? That seems to be the trend these days

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