NIXIE DC high voltage + Ham Radio :: IS there a concern about proximity?

hey everyone,
I am a hobby electronics (among other hobbies). As part of this hobby, I build projects with NIXIE tubes that require DC high voltage (160V+). Should I be concerned about the close proximity of the chip implant to the DC-DC Boost supply ?

Also, I am Ham Radio Operator for my other hobby, I work w/ VHF, UHF and HF range of radio transmissions and receptions. Should I be concerned about that ?

I should have checked this prior to jumping all in with my RFID chip endeavors.

thanks all

Long story short
Nope ( Glass insulator )

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thanks @Pilgrimsmaster

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I wuv nixie tubes😎

It’s not voltage but RF frequency/strength you need to be concerned with.
Microwaves might fry one… or the flesh ~might~ shield it.
MRIs you better avoid… a bullet in the freezer.

Anecdotally nope, but I would hate to see someone microwave there hand…

Nope, MRI’s have been tested. The only one DT warns against is there xG3 magnet afaik,

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It’s not microwave ovens; radar antennas especially if you’re in the military.

What would you class as microwaves? The point to point systems are 10GHz is that high enough or are you more in the relm of 100+?

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thank you everyone for the responses and clarifications.

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I would imagine the flesh would shield it… or you might become very aware of it. Be interesting.

Ham too here. And as bad luck would have it, I’m also a lowfer (LF and ELF, SWL-only these days). So when I do some listening, I especially have to disconnect the RFID readers, else they make one hell of a racket. Damn fool, I managed to get into two completely incompatible hobbies :slight_smile:


good to know @anon3825968 - thanks for sharing. How far is your hamshack away from your RFID dev/workbench area; same room? diff. room? how close ?

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Yeah well, like I said 120GHz and it still works. Thankfully the burn was minor but hurt like a bitch.

The shack was the attic in my house (I say “was” because right now all that stuff is in storage in another country 2000 miles away). The rx coil, preamp and cooler were in the garden, maybe 30 yards away. Anything LF would show up as a line on the spectrum trace - including the mains, for which I had a filter in ELF. If I plugged in my TWN4 reader, it would show up as another line.

I don’t think the coil picked it up from that far. I’m pretty sure it was radiated into the ground through the mains lines or something. Anyway, that was yet another source of nosie I didn’t need, so I had to disconnect it. I had enough sources of noise from the neighbors…


I have a 60’ tower in my property with solid SWR tuned antenna farm atop. I expect to have some “good” (and bad) RFI. How are you RF grounding your shack? BTW, I have a couple of sdr reader dongles, that I plan to bring into my RFID experiments/research. But, I am starting to digress now…

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I didnt RF-ground anything really. My “shack” was the attic in my house. The ground was just, well, the mains ground line :slight_smile :slight_smile:

I used to be active on 160m and 80m, but hams proficient in cw are getting rarer, and even more so on those bands. You can still find people on 40m, but I dig long waves better. So I ended doing mostly ELF listening - which is done with a big-ass coil put on the ground and a lot of patience.

I’ve yet to relocate all that stuff to my new country. But right now it’s in storage. I’ll move it when I buy my final house (I’m renting here for now).