No liability contract

I’m looking for a liability release contract, and I found this,

so i reached out to Tactical Satan, I haven’t heard back yet(I sent it like 5 mins ago), i was just wondering if anyone else has a contract that will work for the installation.

If anyone wants to post one here, we can take it and run it through our patent pending “legal refinement process” and create a free waiver template with DT stamp of approval :slight_smile:


Is piercing the closest “normal” procedure to the implant? Or is there anything else that is more common that is also close to an implant

Yes this is basically the most on-par procedure, except it’s not through tissue, it’s into tissue… but the same prep, same needle handling, same ascetic procedures… and in the end, the aftercare is nothing compared to even the most basic ear piercing… so overall subdermal implant placement is safer than an ear piercing, if done properly.

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Cool, I’ve found a bunch of generic piercing forms, I’ll see about modifying them for implants in a bit, I’m not near my laptop, so I can’t do it right now. Should there be anything additional in the form that isn’t typical to a piercing?

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Maybe have a look at contraceptive implant forms, they are probably the closest thing and we will probably end up with an amalgamation of a piercing and implant form

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An AMAL-gamation



Are there such a thing? I think if there were, it would probably focus on indemnifying the manufacturer for side effects etc., not necessarily the installation procedure from the doctor… but worth a look.

pssssss :slight_smile:

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