Non circular implants


I am very interested in using the payment device conversion service to convert a laks mini into an implant.

However, it is non circular. I have not seen anyone implant such a shape - how would it be done? Seems it would be pretty involved… the muchbetter UK fob would be preferable I guess but it appears they’re disabled, suggesting it’s not a reliable option.

I understand that Purewrist have also gone bankrupt just now (might want to update the payment conversion service page).

Side note: I read another post where someone was extremely pleased with the service, but I didn’t get an idea from the post of the typical turnaround. What might the range be?



DT sells non circular implants, and I believe most of the conversions are non circular. IIRC the the antenna is taken off from the chip, and a new one is soldered on, and then the whole thing is coated, sterilized, and sent back to you. I’m not sure if a Lacks Mini has been successfully converted, but I’m sure someone with more knowledge shall reply soon.

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Ah, you’re right! How did I miss that. I see that the flexMN is like so. I guess you need to find a really committed tattoo artist or a plastic surgeon (?). Isn’t it then subject to a lot of force over time, as there aren’t many flat parts in your hands? I guess it seems to be working for some people at least!

this is a difficult conversion since the chip is flip-chipped to a PET substrate… the possibility of failure during conversion is pretty high, and the possibility of failure in the field is also higher than normal… but if it can be done the performance is great.

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If that wasn’t mine, then you can add me to the list as a highly satisfied customer

Fantastic customer service, and the conversion worked better than I had hoped

My experience documented link below

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Ah! Well, failures happen, I accept that :slight_smile:

I didn’t really understand the technical bits too well, though- the field refers to the EM field in the antenna? Would you estimate >50% failure rate?

@Pilgrimsmaster yes, it was your post I read. I’m very jealous haha. How’s it holding up?

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The bank fucked me, they changed to an earlier expiration date when they decided to no longer support the PayTags.

But I got a great couple of years out of it!

I think / hope I had a hand [pun intended] in convincing a number of people to get custom payments done.

Super convenient

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Ah, a couple of years is pretty good! Are you just going to leave it in? Probably harder to remove than to insert I would imagine

No, I removed it, which was pretty simple actually.

My P4 is being saved for either a FlexDF2 which I have for a project and waiting to go in when its finished OR a new custom payment option of I can find another one ( I had at least one other, but that one fell through)

P4? Do you mean L/R4?

Do you mind detailing the removal? Did you return to the same tattoo artist?


FYI, do you see how the P4 is in blue, that’s a hyperlink to a position chart.

Not at all, it was all pretty simple

No; my mate who does my installs removed it.

A small incision just infront of the implant with a scalpel, push from behind, implant pokes its head out, grab and pull it out, job done