Noob car unlock

Im planning to get the xNT chip and im wondering what would be the best to to go about setting it up to unlock my car its a 1997 toyota forerunner

The car is a tough one because … i mean, have you seen all the aftermarket stuff all separated out by year, make, and model… it’s insane. Basically there is no one-size-fits-all solution for rewiring your car, so getting advice is going to be very difficult… especially for a noob :slight_smile:

Basically you’ll have to overcome any anti-theft protections your 90s era Toyota had in place… that includes getting a spare chip programmed to your immobilizer or ripping one out of a spare key… breaking or disabling the steering column lock… but in some cases people just glue a key in place (or just leave one loose in the ignition) to deal with the mechanical aspect of the steering lock and even the immobilizer chip, but rewire all the electronic switches to a custom built RFID system.

Thank you very much for responding im wondering what electronics would be safe in my car due to me living in florida and in the summer it can get upwards of 110.

You’re going to probably want to get something like this

Then go from there. There are a ton of these on ebay that could be converted for your application I would think.

My concern with using one of those would be whether or not they allow you to rebind the rfid.

Message them and ask, but they should. I’ve had a similar RFID immobilizer on my car for 10 years and it came with 1 “programmer” tag and 1 “user” tag. Even if that particular model doesn’t support rebinding there are plenty of units out there that do.