Northwest UK with questions about compatibility


I’ve been following DT for years but never been in a position to get any implants.

I’m now at the stage where I want a few and I have a few questions.

  1. Is there anywhere in the North West of England that does implants now? I’ve seen Holier than Thou, but they don’t list them on their website anymore and I have a feeling they stopped doing them.

  2. How is the install process for driving afterwards? I don’t think I’ll be able to get implants locally. How is typing etc. after having them done? I work with computers so that’s a biggie.

  3. I’d like an xSIID because it has a nice blinky LED, but I’m wondering if it will be usable with a Salto XS4 lock system. I do have some test cards on the way from KSEC to test with.

  4. How many can safely be implanted at once in one hand? If the xSIID doesn’t do the salto access, I want either an xM1 or a DESFire EV2 chip in the same hand, and ideally, a magnet would be nice too.

I was thinking L0 for the xSIID, as it’ll be nice and visible. The xM1 or DESFire would be used for door access so somewhere convenient would be good.

The xG3 is really an easy realisation of an implant I’ve always wanted. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of magnetic hands since I was a teenager. I’d want the axial one for some sensing and some minor lifting. Ideally

I think sticking everything in my left (non-dominant) hand initially makes sense.


@KaiCastledine can probably tell you where might be a possibility in the NW. I think some other regulars might be in the area from memory.

There is a recent thread with a discussion on quantity, and the installer is usually the limiter. Between 2 and 6 is not usually a problem (again, depending on the installer) the largest known (not in hands) in one sitting appears to be 30. How many installs in a day?

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Howdy. im one of the regulars in the NW :slight_smile: manchester to be specific

holier than thou doesn’t do implants or removals (anymore)

ramsbottom has a place called AngelFaceJewlery who is a pro installer who I cant recommend enough. shes great

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Thanks, I’ll be around Manchester way and that’s where I’m hoping it can be done.

I’ve shot the one you suggested an email on the off chance. I appreciate things are a lot trickier in the UK at the minute with recent events so I may not have any luck reaching out out of the blue.

In the worst case, I’ll have to make time for a trip North or South to a KSEC center.

Glad to see more UK implanteees ! We don’t have a installer specifically in Manchester as of the moment.

As always, we’re always looking to bring more into the fold. If anyone have a good installer experience, within a non-KSEC Center, and wants to recommend then please let us know !

Don’t forget to use the 10% KSEC Cyborg membership discount:

Hey @KaiCastledine

@Equipter has a good number of implants and experience and he suggested

So I would take that as a good recommendation
Here are their details

Angel Face Jewellery 2011
Tel: 07717 297891

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