Numb skin above a Titan implant

Its been about 7 Days since a Titan was installed into my Finger. I noticed that the skin above the magnet/pocket is numb. Is this a normal thing? Will the feeling in that area ever return? If this isnt normal, will this affect sensing?
Heres a picture of it. The green area is where the magnet sits and blue is the numb part of skin.

That’s pretty normal - some nerves will always suffer from an installation, and it takes some time for them to re-connect and all that.

I had some bigger nerve hit in an xSeries install, and it took some weeks for the numb feeling to disappear…

It might take a while. If the installer nicked the wrong nerve, it can take longer to reconnect.

In my experience smaller (narrower) implants shouldn’t lead to loss of feeling. But my first glassie was installed so poorly that I lost feeling in the surrounding area for 2 weeks, and in two fingers for several days. So it goes to show that it can happen. You probably were unlucky.

I have a less common implant in location L11,
And it definitely hit something on the way in
I had a dime size area around the implant that was not fully numb, but greatly desensitized for a couple MONTHS… but now it’s pretty much normal

Nerves regrow they just take time sometimes

Given that this is a sensing magnet, it might be a good thing actually? Sounds like there’s a good chance your nerves will regrow a little more involved with the magnet maybe? Could lead to better sensation eventually

But I could be wrong also

I am not an expert, but my Titan is a month healed tomorrow. I saw in your install post that the pocket was made with a scalpel. That may have something to do with the numb feeling.

My installer made an opening with a scalpel and used a blunt “rod” to make the pocket. I haven’t had any numb feelings in that area. It could be bad luck with a random nerve hit, or it could possibly be the install method (I don’t know). That’s my guess with a sample size of 2.

I got mine in a week ago and the area past it on the same side is a bit numb. It was also done with blunt tapers/dermal elevator to make the pocket. I expect it to sort itself out eventually.

Everything does eventually… or not. The skin patch over my flexNExT regained some feeling for a while, then went numb again - apparently forever now. That was over a year ago. Now I could wear a BDSM wristwatch with the spikes on the inside and I wouldn’t even get a hardon.

It’ll sort itself out for sure one way or the other :slight_smile:

I once cut one of my fingertips deeply enough that I still have a scar many years later.

Feeling is now back to normal but for several months as it was healing it felt very strange as the nerves did not reconnect the same way. The brain is a very interesting thing.

That sort of timeline is often due to swelling causing local nerve effects. Cut nerves typically take a significantly longer amount of time to recover… on the order of years sometimes.

Can confirm

Ulnar nerve was cut in-twain, took a good 2-3 years for reasonable sensation

Yeah I was just trying to illustrate that it depends on your particular installation circumstances.

Sometimes nerves reconnect after a mighty long time. For instance, when I was a kid, I cut 3 fingers - as in cut almost the way through, they were hanging by a bit of skin. The surgeon replanted them (quite a feat at that time) but I lost almost all feeling… until a few years ago. I noticed because I had gotten into the habit of grabbing hot things with those fingers, and all of the sudden I found myself getting burnt rather painfully with annoying regularity. It was a novel experience when it first happened after 35 years of feeling nothing at all :slight_smile:

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