Numbing gel stock

Good day to all. I was just wondering if there is going to be a restock for the numbing gel or Emla patch. I know there was some legal issue with the PMK and I was wondering if there was the same issue with the new products as well. Thanks to anyone who might have any information.

Getting lidocaine in a topical form that is effective for our purposes is quite difficult. Plenty of topicals out there, but the default stuff that is everywhere sucks and doesn’t work.

Injectable is even harder to get a hold of, regardless of the fact it’s not legally required to have a prescription to buy it.

Yeah, I have used the topical stuff from amazon and off the shelf and like you said its all been pointless. Ive always had good results from your guys’ products though which is why I hope they will eventually be stocked again. I understand the whole legality and difficulty thing so i dont want to come of as upset in any way. Just hopeful.

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Not at all! It was just kind of brain dumping why it’s been difficult to get it in stock. We’re still trying.

Gotcha. I appreciate that you guys at least try to fix the issues that arise. I have had so many experiences with companys who just kinda ignore the issues and make whatever excuses they can think of. I can manage the x-seriese implants without the numbing agent but I am worried about trying the flex implants without it. Do you or anyone else have any tips on that matter?

My recommendation is go to Pineapple in Texas if you can. I got lucky and was going down there to visit family and was able to make an appointment. I barely felt anything beyond an uncomfortable feeling during the process. Uncomfortable as in having unnatural stuff going on under my skin, not about the process. I figured it was going to be pretty painful, but Pineapple is a wizard with the installs!

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Thank you for the recommendation however I live up in Ohio and dont have any family in Texas or any reason to head that way. If i am down south I will definitely look into them though. I am willing to travel a few hours though so anything further north east would be great. I am really wanting to get my titan installed but i dont feel comfortable doing that one myself.

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Don’t just take my word for it, search this forum, you’ll continually read statements like ~

  • There is barely any noticable difference in pain between the install of an xSeries and a Flex.
  • The difference lays with the Flex needle making a larger incision so it requires something extra to achieve stasis
  • but the extra performance is worth it.

My take: x series and flex needles feel almost the same. Neither need pain management.

Really? That is surprising to me. I have 3 or 4 flex implants that I have been waiting for some sort of pain management to be restocked before implanting.

Depends on your personal sensitivity to touch/pain. I did my two x-series with a prescription topical lido blend I had that worked great for laser hair removal, but barely helped at all for my implants. When I eventually get an Apex Flex, it’ll be with injectable lido, however it is that I have to make that happen.

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Also depends on the flex … if it’s a flex installable using the 4G needle then yes it’s maybe only a minor pain for those… a flex that requires scalpel work and dermal lifting and sutures… very different.

What do you have?

I have like tons of injectable lidocaine and i can also easily get elma patches.

Half of that Lido runs out of date at the end of next month.

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that’s the amount i casually have in my bedside table. but I can get it quite legally without stress. does not require any prescription.

I imagine mrln be like


I have a couple that can be installed with the 4g needle and i believe only one that needs a scalple.

Where are you located where you can get lidocaine without a prescription? Im pretty sure in america you need a prescription for injectable lidocaine at least but I really havent looked into it too much.

If you’re going to a body mod artist that does scalpel installs, they most likely have their own stock of some sort of numbing agent.