Ok fuck.. goddamn it.. android programmer with spare time needed

That’s it… I have missed my last meeting. I want to murder my phone.

This is what I need from someone… anyone with Android skills… make me a calendar app that;

  • accesses my Google calendars… all of them… every 5 minutes

  • pull in all events and reminders that exist at least 60 minutes - 24 hours into the future (user settable)

  • turn those damn things into alarms in my phone with a label that is the title of the calendar event

  • ensure the alarms go off a period of time before the event which is determined by the actual notification time in the calendar… so if i create an event in my calendar and set a 5 minutes before hand notification time for it, the alarm will go off 5 minutes before the event. if I set it for 15 minutes, then 15 minutes… if I don’t set a notification time, make the alarm go off at the time of the event

  • if a calendar event disappears, clear the alarm

  • if a time has passed, delete the alarm

Can someone please do this for me. I have missed so many damn meetings because of a really shitty calendar alerting system on phones, alexa echo devices, browser pop ups… and phones set to do not disturb (except for alarms) and i’m just sooo done with this.

we can open source it or not… stick it on the app store… or not… make it free or a million dollars (for everyone else) … or not… i don’t care… i just need this in my life so bad right now.

Any takers?


Small wonder how we all managed to be on time at meetings before cellphones…

I find that technology is to time what a big empty house is to junk… we just fill it. The sheer number of channels I have to deal with on a daily basis is really insane… the faster pace and wider reach technology affords us tends to encourage us to spend our time beyond our means.


Not for me. Life for me is one thing at a time, done at its proper speed, with pauses of nothing in-between. I used to have a fast-paced life (with a pen-and-paper dayplanner incidentally :slight_smile:) and I found out it’s bad for your health. As in, very very bad. So I slowed down and I’ll live longer and happier for it.

But sorry, I didn’t mean to derail your thread :slight_smile:

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