Omnidirectional microphone needed

I have a very important project that I’m not yet at liberty to discuss, but I’m in desperate need of the smallest omnidirectional microphones available. Can anyone help?

This might or might not help, but you might be able to scrounge some google home // amazon alexa units and scrap them for parts. No sense letting all that highly engineered product go to waste.

Obviously without discussing the project, can you:
show us what size you currently have
the space with witch to fit it in
rough dimensions
How is it being attached, ie. could a 3.5mm plug microphone work, or is is PCB mounted



Does it HAVE to be omni, or could you get away with dual mics?

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Use an SMT MEMS microphone


If I were holding it and talking, and others in the room were as well, I wouldn’t want my voice to be overpowering others in the room. I’d like to neutralize that.
Also, clarity is significant.

So you’re trying to record other people surreptitiously?

Absolutely not. I believe you and I have previously discussed what I’m attempting to accomplish. I just don’t want to go into the schematics until it’s complete.

I think I will try the MEMS. I haven’t worked with them before but it sounds like it might work.

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