One implant open several locks?

Hi, I have a question regarding the NeXT implant - I would like there to be several access cards on it, one for work and the other for home access. both have the required standard met by the implant. is it possible for one implant to open multiple locks? is it possible to program several cards on one implant?

The next has two chips inside. Each one can only have one ID at a time. The NFC chip has a pre-programmed ID that cannot be changed, and the low frequency t5577 chip can be reprogrammed but can only have one serial number at a time.

That said, you can technical use that ID or serial number with an infinite amount of door locks because the door locks typically keep an authorized list of IDs. Check out videos to see what I mean.

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So first let’s just get a detail out of the way. The NExT has 2 chips in the one implant. There is a Low Frequency or LF and a High Frequency or HF. The HF can’t change its ID number but the LF can.

Now what does that mean for you? If one of your readers is an LF reader you can clone a card to your implant. Something like your work card so you can do it without asking for any help.

If your readers are HF you can enroll the implant as a new card in the system. Maybe you can convince someone at your work to do this.

Multiple cards on 1 implant? Only 1 LF and 1 HF.

Multiple readers for 1 implant? Absolutely. You could enroll that same ID number to every reader you want. If you clone your LF to match your work badge for example you could enroll that same number at home. Or if you get someone at work to enroll you to their HF reader you can also enroll that one at home or the gym.

EDIT: What Amal just said. Straight from the boss’s mouth


Here’s a catch though, something I ran into

If you are using the cloning function of the LF t5577 side of the NExT, you can only set it to 1 mode and 1 number at a time

In a super rough nutshell, the mode is just the digital language

The t5577 can emulate most (if not all?) which is cool and super useful, However

Let’s say you want to use the implant for
Community pool

The 2 issues you can run into are like I said number and mode

Let’s say Gym and work both use the HID mode, but the pool uses EM mode
There will be no way for the single implant to be used on all 3 as you’d have to choose between HID or EM (or in my case I have 3 different modes I want to emulate)

The other issue could be the number, depending on how the system is administered

If ALL 3 use the same mode, let’s say EM and all 3 issue you different access cards, the chances of all 3 numbers being the same is absurd… obviously for security reasons

You could clone any of the 3 to the implant no problem… but what about the other 2?

If they administer of the system is nice/understanding/cool they might be willing to change you access number
(It doesn’t hurt their security one bit, but most likely won’t understand and will be skeptical, fearful, or sadly inept and unable)

As long as no more than 1 of the systems is unwilling to change the number you can make it work

Gym - they don’t know how
Work - willing to change number
Pool - willing to change number

In this scenario, you can set your implant to the gym number and then have the others scan your gym badge ( original card is likely much easier and simpler)

If gym AND work can’t/won’t then it won’t work as there’s no way to make all 3 numbers match

I have multiple LF implants for this reason but others have managed to make it work :grin:

Probably a longer and less eloquent way to explain it, but I think it’s a half decent explaination of the issues you might run into


Thank you, gentlemen, for your comprehensive answers.
Do you have any complete guide on how to program and program a chip?

Really good explanation. Thanks

Here is a YouTube guide for the LF side

For HF, download TagWriter and / or NFC Tools

They should be pretty self explainatory but if you get stuck, just ask

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It’s okay if I understand correctly.
work - I have a card for 125 MHz examples, I can easily write this number to the implant. The problem begins when I want to assign two different card numbers with a frequency of 125 MHz to the implant, I think so?

so could you solve this problem like this? ;

  1. The number of the access card for the lock in my house would be the same as for the access card from work, right? then everything will work? assuming that the home reader will operate at 125kHz

and the same is true of 13.5khz?

Pretty much, mostly

I’m a nutshell… the implant can have 1 serial number
(125 can change its serial number to clone something you already have… 13.56 as a general rule is fi3:)

If you have 2 systems, 1 you have administrative powers over, and 1 you don’t

You copy the one you can’t change, and change the one you CAN change to match

Where this gets messy, is there are different modes that a 125khz chip can run in… Em/Hid prox/indala etc
It’s sort of like a language

The 125khz t5577 chip can pretty much run whatever
But if the 2 systems, use different modes…
Say hidprox on your door lock, and EM for your garage door XACV2 lock

Even if you have control of both systems, the chip can only run EM or HIDprox at one time, but not both

This make sense?