Opinions on best placement for the xG3 for a surgical professional?

Hey guys! I’m new here but already have a xEM installed for my work badge.

I had a question I’ve looked for everywhere but (as I imagined) couldn’t find the answer to anywhere. I’m interested in having an xG3 implanted and have a partnered installer already aware of that, but I just can’t decide on a placement where I’d get the most use out of it.

I work around the clock in orthopedic trauma surgery, almost all day, almost every day. In my specialty at work I handle a LOT of lightweight implant screws. I mean, an unreasonable amount. While not all systems are magnetic a fair amount are, and I would gain a lot of use being able to pick them up without having to dig them out of the screw caddies with my gloved nails. Additionally, I handle multiple dozens of sutures per procedure, and the advantage of not losing them would be fantastic. You can see where I’m going with this and why a biomagnet is so alluring to me.

Ideally, the biomagnet would be installed laterally on a fingertip, but with the size and shape of the xG3 this is generally unadvisable I know. I haven’t heard many success stories of an xG3 installed on a fingertip and besides, my hands are incredibly small and the logistics just don’t work out. It would most certainly reject.

So, what do we think the next best location would be? I’ve been thinking on it for a while but thought I’d reach out to the community and see what you all think. Regardless of placement, I am super excited.

I don’t have a biomagnet.
but I thought I would give you a couple of things to consider:

Best lifter
xG3 V2
see here

MRI Machines
Be aware
See here

Also, I would recommend you search for MRI here on the forum, there will be many results

grab yourself a small neodymium magnet and tape it to your fingers under your gloves. Try the fingers and positions you are considering to narrow down options and find what will suit you best

images (1) (14)

I hope that helps.

Keep us updated as you go


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Hi! I have some things to point out. I handle a lot of small screws and components and I often use my xG3 v1 in P0 to hold them. While it is quite convenient it isn’t 100% reliable. In a medical environment, with latex gloves, where it is very important not to drop anything I don’t know if I would trust it. That said the xG3 v2 should solve that issue.
Second thing about picking them up with the finger tip from a small container, you would need your finger implant (Titan) to be on the very tip to do that. If you where to place it on the side of the finger tip (usually more convenient and a bit safer) then it wouldn’t work exactly as you expected it. You have to place the side of your finger on the part and it can be a bit awkward. That said I have fished a LOT of screws out of computer cases this way, you just need to get it in the right spot.
Finally consider that a screw held on a magnet will remain a bit magnetized, it can, in some contexts be an issue.

If I was in your case I would have an xg3 v2 in the left P0 for small part storage and , if you can afford it, a Titan in the right index finger on the left side of the finger tip but as close to the tip as possible for manipulation. Assuming you are right handed. The logic being you pick up with the right index to and from the left hand storage using the right middle finger to pinch screws off of the xG3 and against the index with the Titan.

If you only get the xG3 then I would go with right P0. This way your right hand does the screwing/work and the left one can pick up and place screws from the xG3 at the same time. This is what I usually do.

Yes I have thought a lot about this :sweat_smile:

Here is for reference the holding capacity of an xG3 v1 and a Titan-like, assuming I don’t shake my hand too much:

Also :sweat_smile:


The great news is that I’m never around any MRI machines, I mostly stick to the standard hospital floor or the OR. So I got pretty lucky with that one!

As far as the testing abilities of playing with a magnet under my glove, unfortunately that isn’t a possibility for me surgically since it would infringe upon our facility’s aseptic standards.

Also @Azflyer thank you so much for the detailed response! That’s some awesome information and I’m definitely excited for the next Titan batch and plan on getting one as soon as they’re released. :slight_smile: So that’s totally the plan, and I think your suggestion is great.

It’s also awesome to see somebody else working with screws, I am hoping the surgical gloves I use will help combat the issue of dropping any screws. The specific type I wear are incredibly thin and I’m hoping won’t interfere too much! We’ll see once I have it done. I’m sure if I can’t use it beneath gloves I’ll have plenty more uses for it outside of work.

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