Opinion's on my Self-Implantation?

Hey Ya’ll! Being fairly new to the community, the world of RFID, and biohacking, I wanted to get some opinions on my recent self-implantation of the xNT.

I’m proud, to now be a cyborg! Like, honestly. This is one great community, looking through threads and just chatting it up with some people make it obvious.

For those curious, the implantation was done in bedroom about four weeks ago. By myself, while my mother was holding a flashlight for better lighting (You should of seen the look on her face.)

Also, I don’t have any badges or gym cards too put on this thing. So currently I’m just using it to give out my contact information. Any unique ideas on some projects?


I didn’t have any implants… yet… damn virus… but I looked at a lot of implant location for my wiki post and planning my own implant locations.

Based on that, install looks fine. As long as you have no discomfort etc, your all good!


Unique no, cool yeah.
If you haven’t already seen, there’s talks on here about open source RFID dead bolts, car unlocking, DIY smart guns, computer unlocking and Amal’s book RFID Toys


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Well, when you do get an implant of your own… I hope everything goes well!

Always found the concept of smart guns rather interesting. I’ll keep that in mind, it’d be an interesting project to work on! And for computer unlocking, that’s currently something I have in mind.

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Thanks! There are 4 in my living room waiting…

So far this is the best post I have seen on the topic so far:

@anon3825968 has mentioned this a few times, sounds good as an out of the box tool.

And this type of project is quite popular.

I’m designing something similar in my head but a bit more advanced.


Just don’t make the gun lock magnetic. Just like in this video a dude fires an RFID “smart” gun with a magnet: https://youtu.be/ANllOmgJH9Y.

I’ve seen something articles like that before. If I recall correctly, the version which Amal created with his P90 used a servo, bypassing the whole magnet trick.

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I am curios about that class of vulnerability, it seems to be irrelevant (I am saying this from a naive standpoint, so please correct me where my reasoning is wrong)

Guns with smart locks built in are not designed to replace a gun safe correct?

The main use case for them is that if you are disarmed the gun can’t be used against you.

If someone is in an environment where they have easy access to a rare earth magnet and has enough time to test it on the gun they probably have enough time to dismantle the gun and mess with the servo or whatever. Right?

I just think it’s one of those cases where ‘yeah, a guy might break into my house when I’m not home, break into my gun safe, and from there, break directly into the gun to disable the homemade RFID lock and wait for me to come home to kill me.’

Chances are though, if someone where to break into your home and attempt to use the gun on you… They aren’t going to have enough time to use a magnetic-trick or find a way to dismantle the gun to take out a servo in time to do anything.