Options for custom FlexNExT

Okay - so. I was originally gonna talk to Amal directly, but I thought it’d be better if this were public, so anybody else looking into getting that big ol’ FlexNExT can ponder custom options.

Okay, so my main questions and concerns:

Found a better way to get a still measurement of the width of my wrist where I want it implanted, it’s barely over 4cm. So yeah, my wrist is about the same width of the 4.1 cm FlexNExT… I fear that may be an issue.

Aside from that, I’m thinking about getting 4 LEDs, if possible. White ones. I’m debating whether a 3 light pattern will look cooler on my wrist, or a 4 light pattern.

If I go with a 4 lights, it’d be a pattern like this.


Depends on what’s currently capable. @amal, what do you think? Would it be wise for me to get a FlexNExT later this year with my wrist size, and do you think adding an extra LED would be an issue?

Remember: your wrist is as wide as the flexNExT, but it’s not a flat plane: it’s an oval-ish section. The half-perimeter of your wrist is significantly larger than the implant - which will wrap around it some, at the edges.

I am in the same situation and it fits just fine.

As for 4 blinkies, I have a feeling it’ll kill the field for the bullseye, and/or there might not be enough space. But Amal probably knows better.

This is extremely reassuring. Thank you! I won’t worry about size now.

Interesting, let’s hope it doesn’t. But yeah, he would probably know the answer.

I made a cardboard model to scale before ordering mine, to test for placement. You might want to do the same: it is quite enlightening.


That’s… a genius idea. I have no clue why I haven’t thought of that. Thank you. I’ll try it when I can.

If you do so, keep the model for the installation day - your artist has to draw on your arm where the implant should be placed, and that’s a lot easier with a model :wink:


Well, now I feel dumb. I definitely miss measured my wrist. I was actually more accurate with my first measurement…

image image

Four circles are supposed to be placements for four LEDs, just so I can get an idea. Colored it brown but y’know, probably should’ve gotten brown paper instead, and taped on white circles. But even so, this gives me a great look at how it’d be.

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Yes, that’s the power of arts & crafts :slight_smile:
Good then, it looks like you’re compatible.


@amal whats the consenus on 4 LEDs in the flex form factor?

I’m sure he said he tried it but it negatively effected range. But may be wrong.

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The issue is that the design of the bullseye tag used for the flexNExT doesn’t really offer 4 places to position LEDs. You could fit 4 on yes but one or possibly two of the LEDs would simply not light up.

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Even with 3, on my implant, one of them is always the “short-bus” LED: it’s always the last one to light up in a weak field, and it’s always that one LED, even if I orient the field to favor it.

Well, that’s a shame. 3 it is! :slight_smile:

I assume a rectangular FlexNExT would be a pain to make work, for these wrist type installs?

Rectangular design? My guess… definitely.

Would probably poke way too much, the appeal of large flex implants is that they’re comfortable and “flex” with the skin they’re under.

But maybe a squircle shaped flex could work… I wouldn’t be the person to ask, but it’s something to think about.



That would be quite neat, and it would give room for 4 blinkies in the 4 corners, possibly. But the transponder proper would remain a round antenna.

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Ouuuu, bet. Well, seeing I didn’t win the $1000 video making contest I entered (I definitely shoulda won… my video was better…) I have a lot more time before making any biohacking purchases, cuz I still gotta save up.

Gonna be saving up money, probably will make that purchase later this year or early 2021.

Oh yeh, definetly have the curved edges
I think I saw something about 4 blinkies not being feasible in another thread

But I was thinking something more like this so it goes down the arm more than around the wrist, like FlexNT shaped.


I made the cardboard model for the flexSIID. I glued it on my prefered position and worked with it (we have gloves at work - so it wasn’t a problem) I think this is an idea, if the chip would disturb you, when you are lifting objects,… doing many stuff with your hands.

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