Options for Mifare Ultralight C?

Hey everyone, been a bit!

I’m curious about an implantable option to work with Mifare Ultralight C. Not sure if they’re compatible with any other types of existing cards. It seems they can’t be cloned, but I’d just inquire about having my implant added to the system. Thanks as always, and Happy New Year!

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If you are already going to be enrolling the chip instead of cloning, you may be able to enroll other chipsets besides what your cards use, depending on the readers

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Nah, not that long, I thought about you for the “How the fuck are you”, thread, but you were only last here in November…
It feels like you are always lurking anyway (not in a creepy way)

Anyway, back to your question

if thats possible, that is a great option.

You have a NExT, xM1 and Spark2 correct?

thats a good selection of options for trying to enroll.

If you have time, It might be a good idea to get a test card bundle and/or magic card pack, and test those on the system.
That way, if one of those work, you will know what implants woll have the best chance of working.

Some access systems have a simple tick box to allow certain chipsets, so if you can see that, it would be a great help to narrow down your options.

Good luck with it, and let us know how you go.

And why not!?..

How the fuck are ya?

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Thanks Scorpion, good to know. I didn’t know how cranky Mifare systems were or if there was significant difference. I’ll need to inquire.

@Pilgrimsmaster , I am surprisingly good! :blush: Thank you for asking!!! I got promoted at work with the promise that another one WILL come this year too, a good raise to go along with it that brings me to a competitive salary, and the promise that I’ll get to go to a few conferences this year. So far BlueTeamCon is the only one I know for sure, though DEFCON is probably in the cards too. If all keeps going on this track, 2023 should be a great year despite hitting one of those “scary” birthdays.

And I do lurk a bit, but not nearly as much as I’d like. I try to keep my big mouth to myself when there isn’t a topic I can actively contribute to, but I like to have a handle on what is going on in the community as well. I see I missed some excitement recently with another, umm, unusual implant, lol.

Unfortunately in my case I can’t get to check into this right up until I need it since it’ll be for a cruise. Last time around I tried to clone the card manually with my PM3Easy, but that failed since I had the xM1 to try to clone to. Of course, I also couldn’t be sure I was actually doing it right since I only had hints from pages I preloaded due to poor internet service at the port, and no internet once at sea.

Nice one and congrats

ewwww 30!!!
Youre getting old :wink:

I need to learn that


At least you had the forethought to do that much.

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Thank you!!! :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bless you, lol!

I’unno, you dropping in made me feel welcome and it’s part of why I stick around!

I knew that my cruise ship used Mifare of some variety though, in my best South Park: “We were to understand there’d be pie and punch… and Mifare Classic.”

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