Optogenetic NFC brain stimulator implant

This research study may be of interest:

What this describes is an implant for genetically modified mice that’s eerily similar to a DT NFC blinky. Only it has 2 LED: one is a deep blue / UV LED that plunges into the brains of the mice, and the other is a red LED just under the skin that serves as an externally-visible power indicator. Both LEDs are powered by the tuned NFC antenna (yes, it’s literally NFC).

The mice have been genetically modified so their brain cells are excited when they’re exposed to the blue light. In short, they get zapped in the brain when the implant is activated by an external EM field.

Since mice don’t take too kindly to being threatened by a large cellphone hovering over their heads, the entire cage is flooded by a 13.56 MHz field generated by a powerful 12W transmitter, to activate their implants at a distance unbeknown to them.

Check out how they’re getting their kicks by trying to stay in the activated part of their cage:

So then, what’s in it for us?

Well, it looks like all we need is a jab ot custom DNA to make our own brain cells light-sensitive, one blue DT blinky, one very small trepanation with a small diameter drillbit, one body modification artist with steady hands, and we too could have whatever fun the mice seem to be having by absent-mindindly scratching our heads with our cellphones during boring meetings at work :slight_smile:


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