Order Delivery Date?

Hello there,

I placed my order on October 4th and was curious on the delivery date? I ordered multiple tags and needed to make a schedule with the person performing the implants.

I ordered 3 xBT temp sensing RFID tags and 1 xNT NFC tag. I’m extremely excited and eager for my new implants.

Much appreciated,
Connor Goodwolf

Hello ConnorGoodwolf!

Your items should arrive by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. These shipped the same day they were ordered.

Our notification we send out that the order is complete has a shipment tracking link at the bottom of the notification. Unfortunately, it’s not terribly conspicuous :slight_smile: I’ll send you out another notification with your tracking number. I’m so glad you are excited!

My best,


I didn’t receive any notifications through email. The only way I knew my order was complete was my paypal email address received a receipt of payment.

I’m sorry that occurred. We are in the process of moving to a new site and it’s possible this interfered with this automated process.

I will manually send you the information in the next couple of minutes.


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Email received, thank you!