Order problem nfc tag

i made a order and it saying its been processed but i cant log into my account now anymore it says my username and email is invalid even though its not i try reset my password same problem it says my details are invalid so i have no idea whats going on or when its suppose to arrive no clue on what is going on what so ever

PM me your order #

Thanks for ur reply bro but I mange to sort it and ive got updates for some reason parcel is just stuck somewhere it should be here by tmw this is the last update I got

Your item departed a transfer airport in HEATHROW, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM on February 24, 2018 at 12:42 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

It’ll probably stick in customs for a while, but should move through soon enough.

how are you bro just had a quick question cos of what i could see online from one of the tracking service you guys declared the parcel value at 50usd which is around 36 pounds and they are now asking me to pay custom charges is this correct cos from what i read is the value has to be over 39 pounds for any custom tax to be charged i dont mind paying at all but they just time wasters they wont let me pay over the phone i have to wait few days for a card to arrive only then i can pay i even explained to them im going on a holiday on monday and no one will be around to take the parcel they just take the piss