Ordering a microchip

Hi, I knew I can buy a microchip through dangerous things. I will buy a microchip on this Sunday or Monday, I need it as soon as possible because I need to go back to Japan on 5/26 and you said injector cannot be shipped to Japan.

Would it be possible to get a microchip by then? If not, what I can do?

I believe they ship out of northern California. I think your original post said that’s where you are so I suspect if you order this weekend you’ll get it before the 26th as long as it’s in stock.

okay!! thank you for responding!

Dangerous Things have several Partner Piercers, maybe they have them in stock, so you could visit one - get chipped and fly home. I think this would be the safest way.

The detector at the airport wouldn’t regonize it.

Do they have the products in their store?

I don’t know it - the best thing is ask them. Where are you located? Are there DT-Partners in the near of your place?

I am in Santa Rosa in northern California, so there is no partners near me.

Hopefully it works with the shipping. I don’t know how fast it is, when you ship a parcel within the USA.

Ok. Thank you