Ordering issue - can't add to cart


Hey there, having some trouble completing an order. I’m trying to order an NTAG216, but the add to cart button just spins and spins. I’ve tried a few different devices and browsers, but no luck.

Either I’m failing to click a button properly despite years of practice or your shopping cart may need some love. :slight_smile:


Works perfectly fine for me. Added OK, clicked through to checkout just fine. Looks like something wrong on your end.


Thanks for checking. I’m thinking its an issue with newer browsers. There are JS errors and a warning about SSL certs:

I’ll go try with an older browser, but do think there is something amiss here because both Firefox and Chrome are having trouble for me.


I get the same problem on Chrome 65.0.3325.181. Its a JS error, not a cert issue.

The workaround is to view the item details, then add to cart.

i.e. go to https://dangerousthings.com/shop/xnti/ then click add to cart


Thanks for the work around… That let me successfully place the order.