Performance Machines: Products of Acceleration @ IBART London

Apparently we’re part of an exhibit. All we know is that they have a Lifestyle Bundle. If anyone is interested in checking it out and maybe snapping some pictures (is that allowed? :thinking:), it’s running 6/21-6/23–this Friday through Sunday. Tickets can be found here.

From the description:

International Body of Art announce their second exhibition of the year, serving as the second chapter in their three-part exploration of temporality. With their past installment having acted as an investigative approach to the entanglements of memory, Performance Machines: Products of Acceleration now situates us within the stark, shining reality of the here and now.

Serving as a critical exploration of the effects of neoliberalism and excess upon our sense of temporality, the exhibition delves into questions of necro politics, productivity, capital, and chaos. With a vastly ambitious curatorial approach, expect to engage with archival work from big name artists alongside speculative design and performance from some of London’s most exciting creatives.

Their instagram has some pictures of other exhibits.


Here’s a picture that may help

Here’s some dates that may help non-Americans, you know, like the people who live in the UK :wink:
21/06 - 23/06


Is that a stardate ? :thinking: