Phones and Computers

Im looking to write a tag that can get me to access my phone and my family phones from a linux operating system. I want to be able to copy texts and phone data when in my family’s presence to later look at from my computer. Wondering if there is any books on that topic. I just ordered Rfid Toys should be here by next week.

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That’s not really anything that can be done with NFC - at least not without writing a lot of software that merely uses the tag as a tiny amount of storage. And then you have to install it on their phones, so you might as well have done it another way.

I suggest that if you distrust your family that much and are prepared to spy on them, then you have bigger problems that you need to deal with.


I am a guy who wants to protect my family anyway I can. If that means knowing everything they know thats what ill do. A head controls the whole body. A hand never dislikes that the head knows everything that its doing because it knows the head is only looking out for the best interest of the body.

I understand why you would feel that way but that is not the way to do it imo. All it does is breed paranoia and make family members excellent liars in the long run.


Jesus dude. I think you should look into protecting yourself, from yourself. Nothing wrong with being cognisant of what your children are doing on the internet, but this sounds like a bit more than that. Seriously, speaking with someone and getting help is one of the strongest things a person can do, like you said the head controls the whole body. You go to the dentist because it’s part of maintenance based health for your teeth, mental health should be dealt with the same way for your general wellbeing. This does not sound like healthy or loving behaviour. Wish you all the best.