Piercing artist install of LED

Piercing artist here with over nines years experience in the industry. Recently did a LED install. Was looking to get in contact with like minded piercers and body mod artist as well as apply to be listed on the new map as an installer



Best way to get added is probably messaging @ amal your details or posting them here.
Some important things might be:

  • Name
  • Shop address
  • Website / Social Media
  • Needle only or also scalpel work?
  • If only needle, are you ok with https://dngr.us/needle ?
  • Have you maybe even installed fingertip magnets before?

I guess it takes some days or so until you’re added.

I would also add to @yeka comments above.

Make yourself familiar with the following

If you also wanted to become a distributor, here is a questionnaire

Dangerous Things Distribution Questionnaire

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