Pin vivokey spark

Hi everybody from italy… i ve installed a vivokey spark on my hand some years ago but when i change my phone, i ve lost the pin … can i reset it ?? How??

I readed about this problem, and i cancell and install again the app but there’s no way to access …

What i need to do?


I think the only thing you can do is shoot a private message to amal to delete your profile completely…

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When you do try to find your order number and provide your email address, because to reset it, he needs to know that you are actually you.

@amal I understand that this isn’t a priority and that this will ultimately hang on how much you want to deal with solving these cases personally, but all of these requests that people still have working implant can be solved by a simple API that will generate token if person authenticates x times with delay in some time interval and a second part that takes the token and resets the profile. This will make it pretty much impossible for someone to generate the token unintentionally and a big red button with a warning that an account reset causes loss of all connected accounts will deter those who will be just testing it.


I have pitched this exact idea before, I think he says he’s considering it for the new VK platform but not sure, there were other ideas too.

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Sure that is possible I am not participating here for too long before I just run through release notes and news and that was it.

This is completely on his term but at least I would start trying to automate it when a third person came by.

Thanks all for support… i try to contact Amal but actually no have response… there is no way to solve the problem??? I need to cut my skin ??

There’s really no reason to not just leave it in. You should still be able to use it with tasker to trigger tasks, for UID-based authentication, etc.

It’s probably worth dropping an @amal here though

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Hi Matteo, sorry about the lack of communication. The VivoKey pin code system is not limited by attempts, so you can keep trying forever if you want.

There are multiple reasons we aren’t doing pin code resets. First it is a security issue if someone can convince us to do a reset on an account… it opens the door to social engineering attacks. The other reason is that right now the VivoKey platform is being completely re-written, and the current platform is not good to survive much longer.

At this point you can keep trying toy guess your pin code or wait for the new platform to be finished.

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It’s not a vuln, it’s a feature!
On a serious note tho, I like that VK does not do PIN resets.

Haha well considering you need to rescan your chip to keep trying your pin code, I wouldn’t consider that a vuln :wink:

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