Placing a XLED next to my XNT in the webbing?

So far I’ve got my ppark 2 in and my XNT. Both on opposite hands. If I place the remarkably bigger XLED next to my XNT, do I have anything to worry about? I have the space but I’m concerned about hitting a vein. Is it a huge deal if I hit one and back out and change directions? What should I be aware of?

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Well, you’ll only hit a vein if you botch the injection. That happened to me with my first chip, because of an inexperienced piercer. The resulting haemorrhage was spectacular and worrying enough to prompt me to pay a visit to the ER.

Absent that, once the chip is in place, it won’t cause problems with veins in my opinion. I have a large chip in my right hand that ended up sitting directly on top of a vein, across it. The chip and the vein even made an X shape that was quite visible on the outside. One month later, the vein had rerouted itself around the chip. I kid you not, I didn’t even know that sort of thing could happen. The human body is remarkably adaptable!

Other than that, you need to leave at least 5 mm between your two chips. Also, as far as I’m aware, both the xNT and the xLED are uncoated: it means they might travel around under your skin until they reach a spot where they’ll settle

So if your xNT has settled near the thumb under the thenar muscle for instance, you might want to implant the xLED closer to the index metacarpal on the other side of the muscle, to promote possible movements on that side of the muscle only. If you implant the xLED right on top of the muscle and it goes on a hike, it might decide to “fall” xNT-side and end up sharing the same space.


So it’s in now. Halfway though getting it in I noticed the injector was starting to fill with blood. I didn’t think this was a good thing but I was almost there so I shoved a bit more then depressed the plunger. I then took the needle out and left the xled in. It was sticking almost 2mm out so I decided I dealt with the pain of the giant needle I could deal with the pain of shoving it the rest of the way in. So now it is just under the hole.

I refrained from supergluing this one directly like the rest I did because of the exposure of the chip. I just strategically placed medical adhesive to close the hole, the super glued some small bits of string on one end and allowed them to dry. I then pulled each under tension and adhered the other side across the wound. I’m not sure how long it will hold but it’s keeping everything together and closed. I will also be rotating the chip here very soon to get it facing away from the entry point.