Pm3 cylindrical antenna?

I am super impressed with the production and testing @TomHarkness has been doing with cylindrical antennas to better pair with our implants. When these units launch for sale in the store will it only work with certain models of the PM3? I just recently bought mine but knowing whether or not mine will work with the new antennas could push me more in the direction of buying the model that will work with that antenna because I do NOT want to “brick” my implant.

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Which model do you have? I’m pretty sure that those antennas are intended for the proxmark3 rdv4, and will have specific connectors for that.

If you have another model you can probably still rig up your own cables to connect it.

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Ah ok, thank you for the reply. I ordered the rdv2, and it will be arriving tonight. I think I may be rigging my own cables just to avoid the cost of the rdv4 for now.