PM3 died (sort of)?

I used my PM3 Easy from DT a lot for awhile, but it’s been in a drawer the last few months. I pulled it out since I needed it for another project. It powers up through the boot-lights cycle, but when I run the ProxSpace software on my desktop computer it never finds it. I went to device manager, but nothing changes in devices when I plug it in or unplug it. A reboot of the computer made no difference. I tried it on a laptop that I’d previously configured (where it had also worked before), but same result.

QUESTION before I spend too much more time on it… is it likely faulty even though it powers up, and I need to replace it? Or might it be resurrected if I go through the entire software setup again like when I first got it?

NEVER MIND! Silly me, I’d plugged the USB into the side port, instead of the one at the front/bottom.

I hate getting old…