PM3 easy and NExT

Hello DT,

I installed my NExT over 6m ago ant i couldn’t be happier with it!

But recently, i have been unable to read it with my PM3 easy …
The implant is read by the phone and reader just fine.
The PM3 read card and nfc sticker just fine.
But the reader doesn’t read the glassy …

I used to be able to get a good read after 1 or 2 placement trial, i know where the chip is (I can feel it) but i cant read it …

Any suggestions on how to get a good read?
Is my PM failing?

Thanks for the help,

Yours sounds like a tricky one to help you with, Purely because you have pretty much already answered your own qusetion, We know it is not your NExT, We know the PM3 still works, We know you have used the together succesfully, We know you know what you are doing…The only thing we dont know, is why they are not working together now!

You have probably already tried these, but to confirm

  • Are you trying to read on a non conductive surface?
  • Have you tested with your xFD and does the LED light up brightly?
  • Are you trying both the HF and LF side of the NExT?
  • The HF antenna is on the underside ( Bottom board, Not the middle board where you would expect )
  • Are you placing the NExT Perpendicular to the antenna?
  • Are you are pushing the PM3 into the NExT with a little force?
  • Maybe drawing the outline of your implant may help with visual placement to the antenna :man_shrugging:
  • Do you know which end of the NExT is HF and which is LF? This may also help with your reading placement?
  • Are you running hf tune and trying to find the largest voltage drop, and replicating that for your reading placement? ( Same for lf tune )

To make it a little easier on your self, you can try this
You can prefix you command with a delay (msleep -t 3000) and then repeating commands by using the semicolon

The example below will give you a 3 sec delay from when you press ENTER, and will automatically repeat lf search 5 times, as each command completes

msleep -t 3000; lf search; lf search; lf search; lf search; lf search

obviously you can do the same with hf search but as you would know, the reading sequence is much faster with LF…

It is easy to miss a step or two, so hopefully there is something in there that may help

Thanks for the quick reply.

Ive tried just about all of this (and re0did it following your writeup to make sure i didnt miss anything …)
The LF side is toward my with and HF towards my fingertip. Ive tried the multiple lf search command in a row inching the PM3 about 1mm for every read and nothing …

I get nothing on the HF side no matter how place the PM3 either.

Maybe i should mention, i usually place the PM3 on my hand and press enter with the other hand as to not move the PM3 at all when its reading/writing.

The one thing i havnt done much is lf/hf tune, im not sure what it does, nor how to interpret the voltage reading …
Any way to re-cople/adjust the antenna frequency/voltage?

You could try another USB port and see if that makes a difference.
One of the charging USB ports if you have one, It should have a lightning bolt beside it…

You could also try another USB cable…

It will show live voltage readings, when you put your implant near the antenna you should see a voltage drop, you are trying to find the position where the Voltage is at absolute lowest, this means the PM3 has it’s best coupling with the implant.

The location, position and orientation of your implant where this lowest voltage is shown, is the position you want to be reading / writing to your implant.

Make sense?

Didn’t even thought of using a different cable … :crazy_face:
I’ll try it in the am.

Ok, makes sense. When the tag couple, the induced voltage creates a drop in potential in the emitter coil :+1:

I get absolutely no drop when waving the pm3 around … I’ll try it again in the am and will write down actual voltages and compare them to full size tags and the xdf.

Thanks for the help

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Ok, here are some actual numbers :stuck_out_tongue:
HF tune

  • no card: 15165 mv
  • nail: 14955 mv
  • xFD: 15000 mv
  • full card: 11300 mv
  • NExT: 14850 mv

LF tune:

  • no card: 24930 mv
  • xFD: 24300 mv
  • full card: 9600 mv
  • NExT: 23200 mv

I managed to get a few reading on the HF side, but had a hard time reliably repeating the results. But its a huge step forward, thanks for the help.

Now i need to figure out the LF side … i have no other way to program it so its a big deal to me …

How are you positioning the NExT with the HF antenna on the pm3?

For HF reads, I place the antenna board against the skin with the end of the board perpendicular to the chip, so the antenna is perpendicular.

I located the “kinda ok, sometimes” spot with the hf tune having the Lowes voltage drop. Stopped moving and launched the lf search.

You moved to the top coil antenna for the lf search correct?

like this?

The HF antenna is actually on the lowest board, at the end opposite the LF antenna (the circular coil) the middle board is basically just a spacer between the main/HF antenna board and the LF antenna board.


im stealing that graphic

I think we’re all saying the same thing with different words :grin:

Tried it again, and get the same potential and still no read … :disappointed:

I just had a thought.
What mode is your NExT LF side in?

If you have wiped it to base T5577, and doing an lf search you won’t have much luck with lf search
If that is the case, try either
lf t5 detect
write :thinking: (I’ve never tried to test what LF mode is easiest to read or write from/to, if there is any difference at all :thinking: …typing without thinking :man_shrugging: )


Try writing

lf em 41 clone --id 0011223344

and give your lf search another try

MaYBeeE, try writing some of the other common LF modes to it and try again :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

if you can’t tell, I’m clutching at straws here…

Dam … running out of options … considering giving the coiled DIY antenna a go and see what happens …

Trying the lf tune shows absolutely no changes in antenna volage today …
Its currently setup as an em4 something … nothing out of the t5 detect or em clone either …

Ok … So update time …

I made 2 “DIY LF antennas” …
I still had issue not reading … And absolutely no voltage drop with LF tune … Wired …

But I got feedback from LF t55xx detect so not all lost …
Decided to wipe the NExT then re-write it with an HID … And BOUM! Got a read …

LF search is still hit and miss, but all the other command works good now :+1:

Got plenty of spare materials to make 8 more antennas :sweat_smile:
So I may play around a bit …

Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster for all your help and support :+1: