PM3 easy not reading EM tags in glassies

Hello y’all,

Just wondering if it’s me and my proxmark/antenna or if others are seeing the same behavior.

My proxmark is having a real hard time reading EMxxx tags. Most of the reads come as unidentified tags, once in a while I get a random Indala. But it read HID perfectly and repeatably on the same implant :exploding_head:

The flipper reads those EM tags great but nada on the PM3

It seam like the previous firmware was a bit better, but not by a lot.

Is it just me or am I doing something wrong?


Sometimes I see this on certain firmware versions. You could try reverting to see if the problem goes away? Basically everything in the PM3 comes down to bitbang timings, and if the code changes enough to affect the way signal processing is done, it can really toss things out of whack. The PM3 uses an FPGA to do signal processing, so instead of an ADC doing conversion of analog to digital signals for processing, a gate array is doing it… and this means code is telling the gates how to behave, so timing is critical.

Something else you could try is putting more distance between the LF antenna and the fob… sometimes a lot more distance. If you’re dealing with a card or fob it might be upwards of 1cm or more… but small stuff like the xEM or NExT might not matter, or be distance increments of only 0.5mm.

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