Poor read range xSIID

I have since a few months back implanted a blue LED xSIID chip. My main use-case was being able to access my multiple office areas without the need for a key-card and I have access to the Card Reader administration system and was able to add the UID for the chip. The readers in case are from the Swedish supplier RCO and one of the most commonplace readers in Sweden.

Before the actual implant I verified the readers with the RFID Diagnostic card and got good “sweet spot” results from the HF side of the card.

Unfortunately after the implant and adding the correct UID to the access control system I am able to get a successful “read” in around 1 of 100 tries which is obviously not very usable. I have tried multiple hand positions, even going as far as pinching the skin “under” the chip, thus forcing the chip closer to the readers sweet-spot. Again the reader is able once in a blue moon to read the chip and allow access so the system in itself works. I am although never able to recreate several successful reads in a row and the success rate is highly random even when trying the same hand/grip position.

The RCO readers (RCO ReadR) do not have any function for increased read range and so I am a little stuck. Is there anything that can be done or other hints for better success?

If not, which implant should I aim for instead and should I consider removing the xSIID and replacing it or get a second implant?

Thanks Rolf

A few months ago, so inflammation shouldn’t be the issue :thinking:

you could try reading this thread, it’s the first one I thought of, that might have a couple of tips for you

and also this

Failing that, you might be in the market for a Flex implant.

Could you share a TagInfo report of your original card, so we can see what options would likely be your best.

I can say I’ve had a similar experience with my XSIID, having issues with readers I’ve seen others here use their XSIIDs for too, makes me wonder how much range varies from implant to implant

Oh well, onto a higher range implant I suppose

The problem here is the use of the diagnostic card to find the sweet spot. That is not the purpose of the diagnostic card and it cannot tell you the sweet spot that will be applicable for x-series implants because the antenna structure is completely different. The field detector keychains on the other hand are exactly what you should use for this purpose. The keychains use a cylindrical antenna just like the x-series implants do and they can show you the true sweet spot for any x-series implant.